Why Is Bingo Still So Popular?

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Why Is Bingo Still So Popular?

Bingo has been enjoyed for millennia in its earliest form and since about the 20s in the form that we know and love today. However, it took a hard hit when the UK’s smoking ban came into effect – given the fact that around 60 percent of bingo players were smokers – and the National Lottery and scratch cards increased in popularity.

Indeed, 20 years ago, the future of bingo looked bleak. However, it seems to be increasing in popularity nowadays and it’s not just enjoyed by senior citizens and the working class anymore. What’s clear is that bingo is back, and the boom of online gaming has only helped its popularity increase.

So why exactly has bingo bounced back so dramatically? And, why is the game now enjoyed by youngsters and the ‘hipsters’ so much?

The Recession Helped

It would make sense that during the recent tough economic times when people were afraid of losing their jobs and felt uncertain about their money, people would avoid the likes of gambling and games like bingo. However, the recession had quite the opposite effect.

You can probably remember just how many adverts for online gambling there were in the years following 2008, and that’s one of the big factors that contributed to the rise of bingo – again. If we know one thing for sure, it’s that advertising works. After all, the huge corporations wouldn’t pour millions into marketing if it wasn’t effective.


In addition, despite ever-growing concerns about personal finances, people who grow desperate will always look for ways to make money quickly. That way of thinking can be dangerous in certain situations, but bingo is usually relatively harmless because playing a game doesn’t require a huge investment.

Bingo’s Migration to the Online World

The bingo halls are now busy again, with many people treating it as a night out where losing money is simply part of the cost, but the growth of online bingo has certainly helped increase the game’s popularity.

Even the youngsters are increasingly heading to sites such as Sun Bingo to enjoy some responsible gambling. In addition, there is also an interactive element to the online world, and many people enjoy playing a game while enjoying a bit of ‘banter’ in the chatrooms.

Of course, online gaming itself is a huge phenomenon, and games like bingo were bound to find their place within this new world. Gamers can play from wherever they are without having to head out to a bingo hall to try and win some money.

It seems that with new demographics taking an interest in the game and the world of online gaming set to grow even more, we can safely say that the ancient game of bingo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We say, why not join in the fun when it’s relatively harmless and there’s cash to be won? Needless to say, you should know your limits financially, and don’t risk losing everything you’re worth when it’s a game that’s mostly meant for fun.