How To Make Your Own Body Scrub

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How To Make Your Own Body Scrub

Many women use body scrub on a daily basis. It helps get rid of dead skin, makes your skin glow, and has a great smell which leaves your skin feeling fresh. However, using these products day in, day out, can get expensive, and so it’s worth looking at options to make your beauty budget cheaper. One thing that many women do is make their own body scrub, and because the ingredients are quite simple, this can work out cheaper and means you can make products in bulk. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking of making your own body scrub.

Find some containers

It’s important to invest in some air tight containers to hold your scrub once you’ve made it. Look for some specially made tubs, or save your used containers from previous beauty products so you’ve got somewhere to store your creations. Clean and dry them thoroughly before you begin.

Choose a base

ee868c4cb72191e32cd8fd15b72546e1There are lots of different ingredients you can use to make body scrubs. One of the most important elements is the exfoliant, which is what removes the dead skin from your body. As a base you can use:

→ Sea salt – said to relax the muscles as well as being an efficient exfoliant

→ Coffee grounds – caffeine is said to have many benefits to your skin

→ Porridge oats soft and moisturising

→ Sugar – gentler than salt, but still makes a satisfying scrub

These are things you’ll often have laying around the house, and can be brought cheaply in bulk. If you decide to make your own body scrub, then getting the base right is essential, and this means that you can meet your skin’s needs while you scrub.


Adding an oil to your scrub makes it easier to spread, and will help bulk up your body scrub. Oils are essential for smooth, beautiful skin, and there are lots of options available. Olive oil is popular, as it’s said to have anti-ageing properties, but things like almond, coconut, and grape seed oil work well. Use your oil sparingly as it’ll otherwise be too greasy, so add it slowly to the mixture.

Essential oils

If you don’t enjoy the natural smell of your ingredients, then a few drops of essential oil make your product feel more luxurious. Use relaxing, natural scents, and go for lighter smells. Many oils also have their own health benefits, so read up on the things that aromatherapy can do for you.


Making your own body scrub couldn’t be simpler, and it can be used anywhere from your neck to your toes. You simply get a large bowl, and mix your base with a small amount of oil and scent, getting the right consistency. You can then decant them into airtight containers, even storing them in the fridge for a more refreshing treat. Home made body scrub can help alleviate lots of different skin conditions, and even makes for a great gift if wrapped up in the right packaging.