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postheadericon NetEnt joins World Lottery Association as associate member

Becoming associate member of WLA is a significant step for us as we grow presence further in this important market segment” says NetEnt chief.

In early March 2016, NetEnt, one of the world’s biggest and most acclaimed virtual gambling content developers, joined World Lottery Association, or WLA, a foundation advocating the interests of companies running government-approved lottery raffles globally.

The Sweden-based NetEnt AB is known to have offered high-end multimedia casino gaming products to the top brands of the worldwide gambling industry since the moment it was established two decades ago. All this time, the company now employing over 700 specialists in several parts of the world, including the US, has been providing virtual casinos with games and solutions powered by the most advanced technologies.

As informed by, NetEnt, whose services have been used by the area’s most acclaimed lottery providers like DanskeSpil and Lottomotica, have become an associate member of WLA. The Swedish company’s new status could be of great importance for their further market expansion, as NetEnt is more than likely to start offering their products and solutions to other WLA members now.

Aside from standing upon the rights of government-run lottery providers and gambling-related companies from over eighty states, WLA also represents a variety of associate members involved in the development of gaming content. The Association has not been created to solely enable its members to pursue their business goals more efficiently, as membership in WLA also presupposes conformity to the principles of responsible gambling and social responsibility overall.

As explained by NetEnt’s chief Per Eriksson, with virtual gambling being “about entertainment and excitement”, the company’s “WLA associate membership is an important quality stamp [as they] are committed to safe and responsible gaming”. Eriksson describes the Swedish gambling giant’s current strategy as the “[expansion] on regulated markets”, while “becoming associate members of WLA is a significant step for [NetEnt as they grow their] presence further in this important market segment”.

postheadericon Tips for successful sports betting

Online sports betting is one of the most popular forms of online gambling. Many people love to predict sports results and sports betting makes watching the actual game even more exciting. Sports betting is still a gamble, but there are many ways to improve your chances of winning.

Choose the right platform

There are many online casino’s offering sports betting as well as virtual sports. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the gaming environment and you understand the options and statistics. Some people enjoy sports betting on big platforms while other like to place their bets on smaller, newer platforms. One of those newer platforms is SuperGameCasino, a legal online casino with a wide variety of online casino games, sports betting and virtual sports.


Stay up to date

The most important part of increasing your chances to win is staying up to date with the results of the specific team or player. Analyse the statistics, check out past results of similar matches and keep the latest developments in mind. There are many online sports betting websites offering a lot of information on these topics, they offer a huge amount of information and can save you a lot of time.

Bet at the right time

One important strategy for people who try their luck with sports betting is dividing their bets between favorites and underdogs. Betting on the right time is crucial for you success; bet early on favorites and late on underdogs.

welcome bonus

Benefit from casino bonuses

Other important benefits of joining platforms like SuperGameCasino, are the casino promotions and bonuses you can receive. For example, you will receive a 100% first deposit bonus with a maximum of € 350,-. On top of that, players will automatically join the Loyalty Program by placing a bet. The Loyalty Program offers players free bonus money and cash money in exchange for your Loyalty Points.

postheadericon The Smaller Aspects of Placing Bets on Sports

Most of us know that it is possible to bet on sports and games we like. There are many kinds of sports betting, and you can enjoy each one of them, as long as, you are starting well. Let’s get honest here that betting on sports may not legal in many countries, but probably it’s the blend of risks, wins and fun that gets people addicted to the genre. For those who haven’t placed a bet ever on any game, here are some of the cool ideas that will help them get started with ease.

Placing Bets on Sports

Always know your limits

Betting can be pretty addictive, so first timers should be aware of how much to spend and how to curtail their bets. Initial wins may seem very impressive, but don’t be very open to big risks straight away. Also, if you are into one particular game, make sure that you know the pros and cons of each bet. The risks involved should be clear to you straight way. For example, let’s talk of parlay, where two or more conditions must be met for winning. If you are unsure how the risk works, don’t place your bets on those risks.

Find passion for the game

No matter which game you choose, you should have some level of interest in the sports. Unless you know well of the team and players and have ideas of how the record of a certain team/player has been, it’s hard to take calculated risks. The idea is to know the game to the core, and for that, the trends will matter for sure. So, if you haven’t started betting, spend some quality time knowing the rules, teams, players and of course all those terms, which are commonly used in betting.

Find passion for the game

Choose the right platform

If you are looking for betting sites, there are plenty of them around. However, professional betting sites, such as SBOBET, are extremely well versed with the needs of players and offer great credibility. In short, you will never need to worry about the fairness of the risks and bets, can make easy deposits and withdrawal, and when there is an issue with anything, the website will support you in all ways possible.

Keeping an eye on these things ensure that you never have any problems once you start staking your money. That’s when betting on sports becomes such an enjoyable experience at all times!

postheadericon Helpful Tips to Make You an Ace at Betting

Betting is not for the fainthearted and we all think that people who strike it lucky must be really fortunate. Well, luck and fortune does favour the brave but there is another side to the story too. Betting is not always about luck but also about a skill that can be acquired if you listen and are willing to learn from some who are literally aces at this. One of the best ways you can develop your own skill and ace this hobby, making it a lucrative profession is to have access at the true Betting Gods who can give you helpful tips to get started on this exciting path. Let us highlight some key tips which will help you ace this hobby:

Punchestown Races

Tip 1-Connect with expert tipsters

Gone are the days when one had to follow instincts blindly when it came to betting or try to make the most of friendly tips from friends and others around you. You can now have access to some of the best minds in the world of betting and directly interact with them to learn of tips that are based on experience and understanding of the sport in question. For this purpose, going through a trusted source like an expert tipster can help you understand the process better and get you acquainted with betting tactics too.

Connect with expert tipsters

Tip 2-Access to genuine and reliable tips

The tipsters on are those who have undergone stringent 12-week qualification process before starting out as expert tipsters. They have been tried and tested, giving them a badge of transparency and credibility. Additionally, you have the option of verifying each tip yourself, making the process genuine and foolproof to a large extent. The Betting Gods are verified and the real experts in the true sense of the term.

Access to genuine and reliable tips

Tip 3-Get a sustainable start to the world of betting

Betting requires some understanding along with some kind of safety net. If you are rookie, you may be prone to making silly calls that can cost you heavily or adversely. But having access to an expert tipster, one can get a guided approach to betting making it a good learning experience.

Get a sustainable start to the world of betting

Tip 4- Start making profits early on

One of the golden rules of betting involves around taking calculated risks. So, if you are one who likes to practice this saying, having a platform like betting gods to help you can work wonders. You can start with one sport, understand the principles, take few small risks based on the tips you get from the experts and you will results flowing in from early on itself. Making small profits right at the start helps you gain confidence and trust the betting instincts and process much better.

Start making profits early on

So go ahead and initiate the journey towards becoming an ace at betting.

Author Bio – Parker is a financial analyst by profession but years of watching and understanding the markets, has become passionate about observing everything that has a predictive angle. Betting is something he has been keenly following especially as he considers it to be an extension of his work too. He consistently writes notes and shares important tips to help others become better and take calculated risks without fear.